Transolutions , India's first containerized trucking system, has transformed the trucking sector into a swift and reliable process of primary movement. The organization, with over thirty years of experience, has woven together the fabric of the country with a fleet of ISO-certified, all weatherproof trucks.


 We, as a group (Transolutions  & Safexpress), are the country's leading end to end logistics service provider today.


Our services include:

>> 24x7x365 Operations.
>> Shipment Tracking via GPS facilitates our valued major clients to know the position of vehicles constantly on their PC only.
>> Pre-Reduced transit time.
>> Retail Bookings from over 110 locations of various parts of the country to East & North Eastern states which includes Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam & Seven sister states.
>> This Specialized services & deep penetration to smaller towns makes us natural leader of our segment.
>> Door to Door Services.
>> Containerized Services Available.
>> Full Vehicle Load bookings from anywhere to anywhere in the entire country.
>> ODC Bookings
>> Point to Point Services
>> Containerized Services